Cinetoko presents

Vera van Wolferen /
Douwe Dijkstra /
Emma de Swaef
Cinetoko #31
27 Mei 2015
20:30 hrs

On Wednesday 27 may 2015 starting at 20:30, Cinetoko organises another fresh and unconventional cinematic evening with three guest speakers: Vera van Wolferen, Douwe Dijkstra and Emma de Swaef. Get ready to be surprised by three inspiring talks about the process of creativity in its various forms. The evening will be hosted by video artist Puck Verkade in the Club Room of Korzo. After the talks there’s room for drinks and a chance to ask your big questions.

Vera van Wolferen, Den Haag (NL)
Vera van Wolferen designs state of the art cardboard sets for her stop motion animations. She combines her passion for sculpture, film and sound design with stop motion. Her atmospheric animations tell stories about personal experiences using visual metaphors to draw you into a tactile world.

Douwe Dijkstra, Amsterdam (NL)
Artist and filmmaker Douwe Dijkstra links absurdity with reality and, in reverse, makes this reality absurd. His short film Démontable, about the absurd contradiction of our daily routine and the world news visualized by a war outbreak on a kitchen table, was nominated for a Golden Calf during the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. His latest project “Voor Film” is a documentary in which he follows a wide range of film audiences analyzing their awkward rituals of watching a movie. How do people experience this medium with all their sensory impairments, an outspoken religion or lovesickness?

Emma de Swaef, Gent (BE)
Together with animator Marc James Roels, Emma de Swaef forms a young animation duo from Ghent, Belgium. Their work has gained exposure in the past few years, after their 17-minute wool-animated short “Oh Willy…” swept the festival circuit and charmed the hearts of audiences across the globe. The bonds they form with their creations are very real, and charming. Their characteristics, as both commercial and independent, are the unique challenges of working with unconventional materials, and the importance of storytelling.

Evening schedule

20:00 – 20:30  Entrance
20:30 – 21:10  Speaker: Vera van Wolferen
21:10 – 21:20  Short break
21:20 – 22:00  Speaker: Douwe Dijkstra
22:00 – 22:10  Short break
22:10 – 22:50  Speaker: Emma de Swaef
22:50 – 00:00  Drinks and an opportunity to meet the speakers

Host: Puck Verkade. Please note that this evening will be held in Dutch.

Event snapshots 27 may 2015

Photo credits: Lauren Hillebrandt