Cinetoko presents

Suitup Studio /
Johan Rijpma /
Studio Smack
Cinetoko #32
11 Nov 2015
20:30 hrs

On Wednesday 11 november starting at 20:30, Cinetoko organises another fresh and unconventional cinematic evening with three guest speakers: Suitup Studio, Johan Rijpma and Studio Smack.

The evening will be hosted by illustrator / animator Danièle Knirim, from Hiervandaan & Rogier Wieland.

Suitup Studio, The Hague (NL) |

Suitup is a production company from The Hague with its own philosophy. By playing and experimenting they look for new techniques that could lead to unique results.

Robert Dines en Sander Hegeman started out as graffiti artists, before making the switch to motion design, animation and film. They both completed their study in an unorthodox manner at the Utrecht School of Arts, faculty Image and Media Technology.

The presentation of the boys from Suitup promises to be an energetic one with a mixture of commissioned and self-initiated works. Come and get a taste of their Daily Struggle. 

Johan Rijpma, Utrecht (NL) |

Johan Rijpma is a visual artist based in Utrecht (NL). In his work he forms creative collaborations with simple subjects from his daily surroundings in an experimental and playful way.

Within his systematic and analytic procedures he reflects on the relationship between his own presumed control and the unpredictability of everyday life. Video, animation and photography are primarily the means by which he creates and captures unusual, seemingly simple but meticulous processes.

Johan studied Image and Media Technology at the Utrecht School of Arts and his work has received multiple awards and is internationally screened and exhibited.

Studio Smack, Breda (NL) |

Studio Smack produces work that at first sight has an autonomous value, but often also responds to developments in society, the so-called Design for Debate. For instance the typo-animation Kapitaal is an impression of the enormous amount of commercial visual stimuli that plague our daily lives.

Their latest music video for De Staat (Witch Doctor) was Staff Pick on Vimeo and a huge viral success. Their collaboration with lead singer Torre Florim and video artist Floris Kaayk resulted in a stunning visual treat with a magical touch.

All three members of Studio Smack (Ton Meijdam, Thom Snels and Béla Zsigmond) studied at the AKV| St. Joost in Breda (Art Academy), The Netherlands.

Evening schedule
20:00 – 20:30 Entrance
20:30 – 21:10 Speaker: Suitup Studio
21:10 – 21:20 Short break
21:20 – 22:00 Speaker: Johan Rijpma
22:00 – 22:10 Short break
22:10 – 22:50 Speaker: Studio Smack
22:50 – 00:00 Drinks and an opportunity to meet the speakers

Host: Danièle Knirim. Please note that this evening will be held in Dutch.

Free entrance for Cineville members.

Event snapshots 11 november 2015

Photo credits: Lauren Hillebrandt