Cinetoko presents

Fons Schiedon
A true multi disciplinarian
Cinetoko #28
25 Sep 2013
21:00 hrs

Fons Schiedon

Main speaker: Fons Schiedon

Director, designer, art director, illustrator. Schiedon currently lives in Berlin.
Working with ideas of narration and representation, Schiedon’s personal work explores the principle of “make believe”. Much of his work involves manipulation through digital post-production.

Fons Schiedon is also known for his commissioned work in illustration, graphic-, interior and broadcasting design and his work as an animation director. His short films and illustrations have featured on MTV Asia, Nickleodeon and Pictoplasma festival.

More recently (2012) he oversaw the animation for “Poor Us”, a half-animated documentary (commissioned by BBC, ARTE, ZDF amongst others) which was broadcast in over 50 countries.

Werner de Gruijter

Support programme: Werner de Gruijter

Cinetoko presents a small excerpt from The Symposium Nights. In the Symposion Nights we invite participants to share their ideas about reality and at the same time, practise critical thinking. Each Symposion discusses a specific theme with the help of selected fragments from documentaries.

This time the theme is the role of hierarchy in the creation of poverty. Are you prepared to view reality from a different angle?

Hosted by Puck Verkade

Puck Verkade is a video artist in the purest form. She is an active director, a manipulator of reality and someone who dares the audience to take part in a quest for critical observation and reflection. Her work has been exhibited in a wide variety of national and international institutions and galleries.

Evening schedule

20:00 – Doors open
21:00 – Support programme: Werner de Gruijter
21:30 – Short break
21:45 – Main programme: Fons Schiedon
23:00 – Drinks and an opportunity to meet the speakers

Please note that this evening will be held in Dutch.

Event snapshots 25 sep 2013