What can you expect from Cinetoko? We aim to inspire and amaze and maybe make you laugh too. Here are a few of the movie makers who did just that, at Cinetoko they shared their ideas and the process of filming and animating.

Cinetoko #27 Guido van Driel / June 2013

“Better to be a late bloomer than a child genius” says Guido van Driel, who at the age of fifty wrote his first screenplay and debuted as a film maker. His feature-length film – the opening film at the IFFR 2013 – was based on his own graphic novel “The resurrection of a bastard”.

Cinetoko #25 Hisko Hulsing / October 2012

What takes six and a half years and 25.000 drawings? That would be a masterpiece called “Junkyard” by Hisko Hulsing. According to NRC Next; “Junkyard is not only a lush and warm-blooded visual treat but also a narrative containing an opinion and intriguing moral layering”.
Portfolio: hiskohulsing.com

Cinetoko #21 Martijn Maria Smits / December 2011

Martijn was the first Dutch director ever to be nominated for the Rotterdam Film Festival Tiger Awards with his realistic portrait of the Belgian lower class: C’est déjà l’été. This guy isn’t afraid of taking on the less popular subjects: “I don’t make films to entertain people; I want them to feel, to see, to be agitated”.
Portfolio: framejunky.com

Cinetoko #18 Lernert & Sander / May 2011

So you always wondered how to melt a chocolate bunny with a flat iron? Jumping from contemporary art to commercial assignments this duo share a goal to create simple and communicative projects. They’re multi-talented and they know how to use it; hyper esthetics, funny and confusing.
Portfolio: lernertandsander.com

Cinetoko #15 Floris Kaayk / November 2010

Kaayk specializes in blending computer generated images with live-action video to present his ideas. With a distinctive technique and style, Kaayk’s work sees the emergence of a new genre and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. His project “The Origin of Creatures” was the Dutch entry at the Academy Award for Best Short Animated Film.
Portfolio: floriskaayk.com

Cinetoko #10 Roel Wouters / March 2010

Wouters is most celebrated for his contribution to music videos, but also acclaimed for his side projects where men and machine, roosters and paint clash! His ideas demand an effort from collaborators and viewers, but surely worth the ride.
Portfolio: xelor.nl

Cinetoko #07 Joost van der Valk / November 2009

Documentary film maker Joost van der Valk presents a selection of his work. His fascination for subcultures led him to The Hague’s most notorious hooligan and to the violent life of The Crips, a Dutch gang.
Portfolio: redrebelfilms.com

Cinetoko #04 Sander van de Pavert (aka LuckyTV) / April 2009

In the Netherlands Sander van de Pavert is also known as Mr LuckyTV. The television show De Wereld Draait Door features a daily video column by LuckyTV which provides its opinion on current events in a playful, witty manner by editing, transforming and distorting existing footage.
Portfolio: luckymedia.nl